Q.  Is the Carrot Medical C-View Large Display System compatible with my existing X-Ray System (e.g., GE, Philips, Siemens, and Toshiba)?

A.  Yes. Any C-View Large Display System can be integrated with any X-Ray system regardless of manufacturer.  Adding a C-View Large Display System to an existing interventional lab will often add increased functionality and usage and will help “extend the useful life of the lab.”  Warranty and serviceability will also not be affected.

Q.  Can I get a C-View Large Display System for a new X-Ray System?

A.  Yes. As with an existing X-Ray system, the rules are the same for a new room installation.  You can install a C-View Large Display System with a new X-Ray System.  In many cases, the C-View System will offer more flexibility and control compared to multiple or single display systems that come with a new X-Ray system.  Warranty and serviceability will not be affected.

Q.  I have a GE Innova/IGS Lab with a boom, do I need to buy your boom?

A.  It depends. For GE & Siemens Labs, we require a 6-Monitor boom suspension system. Your boom will need to be replaced if it is a 4-monitor boom suspension.  If you have a Philips Lab, in most cases we can use their boom without the need to replace it.  It is important you meet with your local sales representative to discuss your suspension system and your individual needs. Safety is our number one concern here so we need to make sure the suspension system is rated correctly.

Q.  My OEM said I will not have the same functionality if I get a different large display system?

A.  In almost every case, you will have more functionality with a Carrot C-View Large Display System.  You will have complete flexibility over how critical information is displayed vs. fixed layouts and/or unchangeable presets.  You will also get your critical information completely synchronized – no more trying to manually put a clinical picture together post case.  The Carrot C-View Platform does that for you instantly and we’ve been focused on this for over (10) years.

Q.  I have seen in other large display system the use of a large protective acrylic shield – what do you use as a protective barrier?

A.  The Carrot C-View Platform uses medically approved thick tempered glass that passed the durability testing required to meet the IEC 60601-1 3rd edition standards. The glass also includes a high quality double-sided anti-reflective treatment – this means you do not lose any image quality as you would with an acrylic shield.

Q.  How long will it take to install the C-View Display System and complete training?

A.  Typical installation and training occurs over four to five days depending on complexity.  We come in Monday afternoon and wrap up on Friday afternoon.  Training typically starts on Thursday afternoon and continues into Friday.  If no boom suspension is required, it is possible installation may finish a day earlier. Carrot Medical does offer a Zero Downtime Installation Option (weekend).  We start the installation on Friday afternoon and turn over the room on Monday afternoon.  This option is for labs that can’t afford to be down during the week. Standard installation is included in price of equipment.  Zero Downtime Option is an additional cost. Again safety is always our concern so we won’t rush the job.

Q.  Does Carrot Medical have their own service team or do they use a 3rd Party Service Group?

A.  All Field Service Representatives managing your installation are direct employees of Carrot Medical, LLC.

Q.  Does Carrot Medical follow any regulatory practices?

A.  Carrot Medical is regulated by the FDA and is ISO 13485:2016 Certified.  All employees are required to complete annual Quality Management training as well.

Q.  If we want to issue a PO to take advantage of a “Group Buy” now, but I am not going to install until for a few months, can I delay shipment?

A.  Yes. However, if the shipment will be delayed longer than three months, we do require a partial equipment shipment to occur in the fourth month.

Q.  If my hospital is part of an IDN, can we aggregate our purchases with hospitals within the IDN to take advantage of the tiered pricing?

A. Yes

Q.  Who can I contact for more information or to setup a meeting to discuss my options for a Carrot Large Display (C-View) System?

A.  Contact us at info@carrotmedical.com or at 1.425.318.8089