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Stream the data from any medical device to any screen with C-Suite

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Secure connection

Encrypted HIPAA compliant connection and the ability to redact patient specific data keeps information secure.


Intuitive Interface

Easy to use interface means you don’t have to waste time training to use new software. Easily edit, crop, and save footage.

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Synced Video Streams

Gone is the hassle of matching up different inputs: C-Suite syncs it all as you go.


Native Quality Streaming

Stream video directly from the source, with lossless compression.


The information you need, whenever and wherever you need it

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C-Suite is a powerful tool for case reviews and for fellows training. Our EP, Cath Lab and Hybrid OR rooms have more information now than ever and tracking and sharing all that information can be a challenge. C-Suite goes beyond traditional lab recording systems logging software, allowing you not only to record the different equipment outputs during a procedure (Fluoroscopy x-ray,  electrogram EKG, mapping, ultrasound systems, pacemakers, ect.), but also allows you to stream them to other devices in real time. This means that remote viewing from any secure, customer defined location such as offices, auditoriums or remote locations is possible. This means that anyone with an Internet connection can log in and see what is going on during a procedure, allowing them to assist and make recommendations if needed.